Feather Edge Panels

If you want to fence front or back garden borders you may consider buying Feather Edge fencing. It’s not a fancy contemporary fence, hasn’t got any exciting or wavey-topped trellis on it, it’s just a standard strong privacy fence made from overlapping timber pales that are affixed to horizontal rails, which in turn are secured to posts dug in to the ground, at a certain height.

6X6 Feather Edge Panels

6X5 Feather Edge Panels

6X4 Feather Edge Panels

6X3 Feather Edge Panels

6X2 Feather Edge Panels

Waney Edge Panels

Sometimes known as Overlap or Larch Lap Fence panels are probably the most popular fence panel in the UK. The thin rough sawn boards almost always retain the bark from the tree on each of the edges. The boards are then horizontally overlapped and framed with a rectangle of timber battens, sometimes to both or one side of the fence.

6X6 Waney Edge Panels

6X5 Waney Edge Panels

6X4 Waney Edge Panels

6X3 Waney Edge Panels

6X2 Waney Edge Panels

Picket Fencing

Picket fences are a type of fence often used decoratively for domestic boundaries, distinguished by their evenly spaced vertical boards, the pickets, attached to horizontal rails.

4ft x 6ft Pointed Top Picket Fence

3ft x 6ft Pointed Top Picket Fence

4ft x 6ft Rounded Top Picket Fence

3ft x 6ft Rounded Top Picket Fence

Trellis Panels

Most garden designs include a panel of trellis or two. Are you making the most of this versatile style of fencing? We all know that trellis is ideal for supporting a wide range of flowering plants, fruit and vegetables – bringing together the man-made and natural elements of your garden. Whether your main aim is supporting the growth of your climbers, forming a low-level boundary, or disguising the unsightly elements of your garden, trellis makes a beautiful way to improve almost any outdoor feature.