Square Trellis / Sqaure Diamond lattice

Most garden designs include a panel of trellis or two. Are you making the most of this versatile style of fencing? We all know that trellis is ideal for supporting a wide range of flowering plants, fruit and vegetables – bringing together the man-made and natural elements of your garden. Whether your main aim is supporting the growth of your climbers, forming a low-level boundary, or disguising the unsightly elements of your garden, trellis makes a beautiful way to improve almost any outdoor feature.

6X6 Trellis Frame

6X5 Trellis Frame

6X4 Trellis Frame

6X3 Trellis Frame

6X2 Trellis Frame

6X1 Trellis Frame

1.8 x 1.83 Diamond Trellis

1.5 x 1.83 Diamond Trellis

1.2 x 1.83 Diamond Trellis

0.9 x 1.83 Diamond Trellis

Feature Trellis

We also offer a great selection of Feature Garden trellises such as Fan, Domed, and Bow top. These are a great decorative feature for any garden. From wooden to metal and even plastic mesh, you’ll find the perfect trellis in the LK Fencing collection. If there is a specific style you are trying to source please dont hesitate to get in touch. Please see below other Trellis options available.

Bow Top Trellis

Sqaure Diamond Trellis

Convex Lattice Trellis

Concave Lattic Trellis